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A very successful and well attended Connection Day was held at the Carrara Community Centre on May 20th.

The Connection Day was designed to provide both both training and information to all Gold Coast NHW groups, and some of the suggestions that came forward are listed below.  The District will take the initiative in progressing several of these, but individual groups are encouraged to develop as many as they wish, in order to further their connection with their local community.

  1.  Creation of a Gold Coast District website, with links to individual groups.
  2. A media contact person to be appointed within each group, and this person to be responsible for all statements to media outlets in matters relating to local NHW issues.
  3. Street signage to be assessed.  There should be a large NHW street sign at all entrance points to a local NHW area.  These can only be erected in consultation with the GCCC.  Smaller NHW signs attached to street nameplates can also be installed within the area, if the local NHW group wishes to initiate this.
  4. Community engagement and event participation.  Street parties, coffee meetings, Neighbour Day (Last Sunday in March each year), family fun days, stalls at local market days, and forums or events held in conjunction with other local community organisations – providing Commonwealth Games information, or updates on local issues which may be of interest such as hooning, illegal dumping, graffiti, drug activities or domestic violence.  As well as a newsletter, publicity in local newspapers, community centres and shopping areas could be considered.
  5. Join with neighbouring NHW  or other groups to run an event or a promotion.
  6. Groups using Facebook as part of their communication strategy may access support from their local GCCC library, where at least one staff member is trained to assist those who wish to improve their social media skills.

Peter Barrett

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