There are several matters arising from recent NHW and GCCC events, about which it would be useful for all Gold Coast NHW groups to know.

1.  Main points arising from the successful Connection Day, held at Carrara in late May
a.  Creation of a Gold Coast District Website.   This will be taken forward by the District committee.

b.  “Egroups”, that is, those who have a Facebook or other electronic presence and use it either as an adjunct to, or a replacement for, newsletters, need to be aware that their groups should operate on a “closed” basis.  Every Gold Coast City Council library has a person trained in Facebook use – please use them for any assistance you may need.

c.  Each group should make one  person, and that person only, responsible for any media contact on matters relating to their area.

d.  Event participation and Community involvement.    Neighbour days, street parties, meet your neighbour day, coffee meetings, family fun days , joint meetings with other community  organisations and the like will promote your group and widen interest in NHW in your area.   Consider running a forum on domestic violence, the Commonwealth Games and its impact on your  area, or hooning or graffiti – again in your local area.  Consider working with another community organisation to achieve this.

e.  If you are having trouble getting a newsletter together, consider  writing a short paragraph for inclusion in your local Councillor’s regular notes to constituents, or for your local weekly  newspaper, or publish it at your local community centre.  But get it out there!

2.  Commonwealth Games.

The Gold Coast City Council is running community information sessions at locations across the Gold Coast over the next couple of months.  For details about your particular area and dates,  places and times, please see the website – getsetforthegames.com

3.  Queensland NHW Annual Conference.

Important date claimer! Logan City will host this wonderful event on Saturday, 7th October, this year.Keep a lookout for more details.

4.  Mudgeeraba 8

Their next meeting will be on September 9th, at the offices of Councillor Glen Tozer. They are also holding a promotional day at Woolworths, Reedy Creek, on that day.

Peter Barrett

Gold Coast District Neighbourhood Watch
0408 841 306



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